Headphone Guides

Title: A Quick Guide to Headphones.
Author: HeadWize
A comprehensive survey of headphones – covering all major technology types and styles of wear. Includes tips for evaluating headphones with special considerations for hard-of-hearing people and audio professionals.

Title: A Quick Guide to Headphone Accessories.
Author: HeadWize
Anyone who listens to headphones regularly will likely purchase headphone accessories, which range from the common (headphone amplifiers, cables, cases and acoustic simulators) to the esoteric (vibration transducers). The accessories market has reached staggering proportions. This guide examines headphone accessories in detail and includes a hyperlinked index for easy referencing.

Title: Evaluating Headphones for Sound Quality.
Author: HeadWize
Evaluating headphones can require a different perspective than evaluating loudspeakers. Listeners must take into account the unique characteristics of headphone soundfields. This article examines various methods for, and the pitfalls of, judging headphones for accuracy and now includes discussion of using acoustic simulators in the evaluation process.

Title: The Art of Monitoring and Mixing With Headphones.
Author: HeadWize
Musicians and recording engineers increasingly rely on headphones during concerts and in the studio. As technologies improve, headphones are replacing loudspeaker monitors in many applications. Herewith, a guide for sound professionals discussing the use of headphones in various aspects of the music-making process.

Title: Preventing Hearing Damage When Listening With Headphones.
Author: HeadWize
Hearing damage from headphones is probably more common than from loudspeakers, because many people exploit the acoustic isolation by listening at higher volumes. Moreover, the risk of hearing damage from headphones is higher than with loudspeakers, even at comparable volumes, due to the close coupling of the transducers to the ears.