The HeadWize Memorial was created to celebrate the work of the late Mr. Chu Moy, creator of the Cmoy headphone amplifier and founder of HeadWize.

You can find copies of the various versions of HeadWize on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.
Those copies were essential to recreate all that you see here, some design and layout changes were made to port the site to a WordPress platform.
Also note, this memorial was built mostly upon the 2008 version of the site, not the newer blog.
The Wayback Machine is not perfect thus this site is also a way to have a backup of the core of HeadWize projects, the forums sadly can’t be rebuilt, the news and some articles are not relevant anymore besides historical interest.
Many files were not backed up by the Internet Archive, but if you have any files (PDF, Excel, Word, audio) and want to share them please feel free to reach me via the contact page.

Also, keep in mind that all copyrights belong to their respective owners, this memorial has no affiliation with HeadWize.com, this is a project made to honor the grandfather of the headphone hobby and should be viewed as a way to keep his work alive.
If any copyright owner wants his/her work removed from these pages, please contact me, and I’ll honor your request.

This is a non-commercial project, any advertisement you might see on the site belongs to wordpress.com, the platform where this memorial is hosted. I make no money whatsoever from this memorial.

For the curious ones, my name is Rafael and you can reach me via the contact page, feel free to say hello, give feedback, or send words to celebrate Mr. Pow Chu Moy, I will gladly share them on the site.
I can’t help with any questions regarding the projects, but Reddit is a great source for help.
I won’t reply to any toxic or abusive messages, so don’t bother.

Yours, Rafael.
Lisboa 2018